The Many Uses of Mylar Sheets

Mylar sheets are plastic sheet products which are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). They should not be confused with “ordinary” polyester sheets and films because Mylar sheets are a special type of plastic sheet products and a registered trademark which is owned by the DuPont Teijin Films, the world’s leading producer of PET and PEN polyester films. Mylar sheets or Mylar blanket are produced exclusively by the DuPont Teijin Films. Mylar sheets have many different applications and come in many different types. They can generally be divided into three types according to their finish, pretreatment and thickness.

Types of Mylar sheets according to pretreatment:

  • Plain
  • Heat seal
  • Heat seal with anti-fog
  • Barrier coated
  • Adhesion treated
  • Metal adhesion
  • Corona treated
  • Print and extrusion
  • UV ink adhesion
  • Solvent and aqueous adhesion

Types of Mylar sheets according to finishes include:

  • White
  • Clear
  • Very Clear
  • Super Clear
  • Matte
  • Black

Lastly, Mylar sheets can also be divided into different types according to their thickness although they could also be categorized into different types according to their physical properties, for example into reflective Mylar sheets, Mylar paper sheets, anti-static Mylar sheets, etc. All the mentioned types of Mylar sheets or Mylar rolls are widely used for many applications.

Examples include:

  • Electronic appliances. Most LCDs, LED and Plasma computer/tablet/TV/phone displays feature a Mylar sheet, usually the type with anti-reflective treatment in order to facilitate reading and enhance the colors.
  • Windows and other glass work. Most energy efficient windows, doors as well as other glass works feature a Mylar sheet to reflect the UV light without reflecting the daylight and protect the glass from scratches.
  • Packaging. Mylar sheets are ideal for all sorts of packaging ranging from food to industrial products.
  • Print applications. Mylar sheets are widely used in all sorts of print works but they are also used for magnetic recording such as video and audio cassettes.
  • Medical applications. Mylar sheets may not be useful for medical treatments, however, they play an important role in health care because they are not used only for packaging but they are also used to make X-ray films for instance.
  • Plastic cards. Mylar sheets make credit cards, ID cards, labels and other plastic cards, which need to withstand heavy use, more durable.
  • Industrial applications. Industry is probably the greatest consumer of Mylar sheets, making their applications virtually countless.

Every type of Mylar sheet is intended for specific applications, while every subtype is available in a number of different versions. For that reason it is crucial to be very well informed about the different types (and subtypes) of Mylar sheets and for which applications they are recommended. Fortunately, the manufacturer clearly specifies for which applications a particular type of sheet is appropriate which means that you only need to read the product information and you will quickly determine which sheet within a particular type is the best choice for your specific needs.