The Varied Benefits And Uses Of Mylar Blankets

Originally, Mylar blankets are commercially produced as a bathroom covering. The uses of Mylar blankets are limited for this particular purpose. It did not click on its original aim of usage. Instead, NASA found a lot more benefit to this material. They used it as blankets for astronauts in the outer space.

The polyester material is so durable that it can endure the cruel environments. It is waterproof, wind-proof and retains heat. Other uses of Mylar blanket are as a survival blanket, space blanket or thermal blanket. Below are several uses of Mylar sheets in general.

Uses Of Mylar Blankets

  • It is used as an insulator. Both sides of Mylar blankets have special purposes. The reflective side reflects the light source and the other side serves as a barrier for light and heat.
  • It is used as an alternative tent because of its moisture-proof property.
  • It is used as a reflector. In shaded areas, where sunlight cannot penetrate, Mylar sheets are used to reflect light. Like, in some greenhouses, it is used to reflect light to the plants.
  • Can also be used as a signaling device for lost hikers.
  • It can be used in making fire by gathering easily combustible materials on a cone shaped Mylar blanket. As it collects the heat and light from the sun, it can start up fire.
  • It can be a collecting device for water. For hikers who ran out of water, it can collect water from the rain and dew.

The varied uses of Mylar blanketsprovide a lot of benefits. Here are some of the benefits we can get from various fields.


Uses Of Mylar Blankets In The Military

  • Gives shield from extremely hot or cold weather on areas where they are deployed.
  • Hide the body heat from thermal detectors of the enemy.
  • Makes fire when fire making materials are not at hand.
  • Collects water from dew so that campers will not worry when they ran out of potable water.
  • Since it is heat regulating, it prevents hypothermia for those who are caught in snowy places.
  • Can serve an emergency shield. Like, when typhoon Katrina devastated some parts of the US, Mylar blanketsservesas their shield.
  • It can stop hemorrhage because it is waterproof. It can be pressed on top of the wound for blood to clot if rescuers are still out of sight.

Uses Of Mylar Blankets For Outdoor Activities

From the simple purpose of just a bathroom lining, the uses of Mylar blankets opened new horizon on a lot more other benefits.